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//private to Cassian//

Cassian? If you could, I need you in my old laboratory for just a moment.

[Why no there is no greenery hanging from the ceiling at the moment, why do you ask?]
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[From the start, it should be clear that this isn't Jezebel's own memory: the main clue being a headstone sitting in the grass, bearing his name. It sits in the middle of a wooded area during a light downpour, smacked by rain pelting it.

Cassian appears, walking towards it and sitting next to it, leaning his back against its side and tilting his head back towards the stone.]

I guess this is the only way I can talk to you now…a little one-sided, but, it’s all I have so it’ll have to do.

[He pauses for a moment before speaking again.]

You know, before the City, this was good enough. Not perfect, not what I wanted, but, better than nothing; now…I don’t know. It’s maddening to think you’re out there in some alternate world, or whatever it was, and I’m stuck here in this hellhole. You know…besides those damned curses and the fact that everyone else seemed to want to leave, I was happy there. I’d like to think you were, at least, happier.

[He wraps his arms around his knees, pulling them against his chest and leaning his head onto his arms. When he speaks again, his voice is shakier.]

I…I know there’s more to tell you, more to explain…but it all seems pretty pointless now. When I was with you…I couldn’t tell you any of it; the words wouldn’t come. I didn’t know what to say…how could I just say that I-

[He stops, letting the words die. Slowly, he unfolds himself, leaning against the headstone.]

It doesn’t matter now…there really is no point in saying it. I’ll never see you again…

[He sits there for a long while, minutes passing where he just leans against the stone and lets rain pelt him. After several minutes, he rises, standing and turning to walk away.]

I’ll be back next week, Jezebel. Sleep peacefully.

((Taken from Cassian's brief absence from the City; all dialogue was written by [ profile] deathstrumpcard :) ))
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Would anyone be interested in taking in a pet rabbit?

I have two of them -- one male, one female, both adults. They have been staying with me in my laboratory for several months now, but I do not think I will be able to safely watch after them for much longer.

I am not asking to sell them, I simply wish to relocate them to good homes.

That being said, I am offering them as pets. If anyone uses them to create rabbit stew or a pair of hats, I will make you regret that decision.
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He's here.

Oh God, he's here.
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I suppose this is yet another of those weekends where the City is flooded by quickly-vanishing visitors? I suppose after so much time here I should come to expect them. irritating.
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[There is an irritated-looking cat sitting on a lab table, glaring out and swishing his tail.]

Wonderful. Of all the curses I was not eager to repeat, this was at the absolute top of the list.

[He gets up and paces for a bit before leaping down to the ground before glancing about.]

This place and its irritating curses never ceases, does it?
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[He won't explain who it's for. They know who they are.]


Jul. 31st, 2011 08:46 pm
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[The video is short: it shows a large, empty room with a balcony overlooking it. There is the low sound of a distant argument coming from above, and, further off, the sound of wall collapsing in.

And then there's the sound of a gunshot.

Jezebel falls into view from above, crashing to the ground with blood seeping the front of his clothes, a pool of red expanding over his upper chest.

Someone begins screaming 'Doctor? Doctor?!' while a pair of (Cain-like) legs dart past where Jezebel has crashed.

As Jezebel lays there, bleeding on the floor, there's a voice coming from high above that laughs loudly and calls down 'I warned you, didn't I? Look, his expression didn't even change after you saved his life!']

((I'm doing this from memory, so if someone wants to correct my recollection of how this scene plays out, feel free. ^^;;))


Jul. 26th, 2011 06:33 pm
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[Jezebel looks tired as hell, and very clearly irritated.]

So, first a blizzard. And now making us unable to sleep. I wonder if the curses are determined to make it so that we all have influenza in late July.

[He gives a weary but clearly malevolent smile.]

So. If I won't be sleeping for the next 24 hours, I suppose I'd best be productive.


Jun. 21st, 2011 10:28 pm
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I looked.

...he isn't in the Hall of the Missing.

[He doesn't sound very relieved.]
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...has anyone seen Cassian in the last few days?

((Read: he totally ignored Cassian because that one curse made them married and it was crazy awkward and now Cassian's gone while the City goes crazy and he feels like shit and wants to murder all the things.

Also, I am so sorry for being gone these last few weeks :( Full-time employment has been, and continues to be, kind of a bitch.))


May. 28th, 2011 03:42 pm
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[The video shows Jezebel walking into his apartment, seeming normal. He takes off his coat and hangs it while glancing around curiously. Satisfied that no one is in the room, he smiles the tiniest bit before opening his briefcase.

Inside is a small package meticulously wrapped in brown paper and string; he takes it out, and as he picks it up, you might notice a gleaming wedding ring on his left hand. Once he has it, he turns, walking through the rooms with a pleased expression.]

Cassian? Cassian, are you home?

((Jezebel and Cassian are cursed so that they're a long-married couple celebrating their anniversary. Watch Jezebel not hate his life and the world for once! 8D))


Apr. 20th, 2011 10:31 pm
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[In Jezebel's room/laboratory you can make out at least one wrecked lab table and lots of shattered glass. Also, the rabbits are loose, sniffing curiously at some spilled chemicals before Jezebel scoops them up, gritting his teeth.]

It would already be strange enough to wake up one day to find two doppelgangers.

But it wouldn't be so awful if they didn't seem intent on destroying the lab.

[He kicks at two pairs of legs sticking out from under table; if you look closely enough, you can see that they're tied up and maybe just a liiiiittle forcibly unconscious.]


Apr. 9th, 2011 11:43 am
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Oh. It looks like I've wound up back here somehow.

[He peers around Jezebel's room curiously. Kid!Jezebel has already managed to liberate one of Jezebel's rabbits and is holding him, petting his head absentmindedly.]

I wonder if anyone knows the way for me to get back home? I'm sure Mother will be worried if I've gone missing again...

((Replies will be posted using the journal [ profile] delilahs_reaper.))


Mar. 21st, 2011 07:17 pm
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The rabbits are trying to escape from the residence building. Two of them got as far as outside before I caught them; one of them seemed determined to head for the woods.

And now the two that remain are trying to batter their cages until they can leave.

...things seem odder than usual today.

Has anyone noticed that the clock seems...quieter than usual?
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[Jezebel is just. staring. At his reflection in the mirror hanging in his room. At first his expression is one of confusion, then irritation, then disgust, then some barely contained anger.

If you're only barely paying attention, you might not immediately realize what's wrong, especially with Jezebel wearing his kimono over clothes. But you might notice that he's at least a few inches shorter than normal, and his face is subtly different. Oh, and he has boobs. Tiny boobs, but they're there.

He storms off for a moment, and you can briefly here (in a voice that's much higher than usual): "Well isn't this just bloody wonderful!"]

((Am gonna try and get fem!Jezebel icons, which will probably be uploaded to the journal [ profile] bloodied_lamb and then used for replies. If not, just assume he's gender-swapped in his icons.))


Mar. 13th, 2011 02:32 pm
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[The video opens up with the image of Jezebel's laboratory, seemingly lacking in people. At least until there's a small stirring from one of the chairs by a lab table; a grey cat emerges, nestled in one of Jezebel's lab coats, getting up and peering around sleepily.

And then, the cat blinks. And looks around, bewildered, at its own paws, its tail, the height of everything around it.

And then a distinctly Jezebel-like voice emerges.]

Oh for the love of God.
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