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[From the start, it should be clear that this isn't Jezebel's own memory: the main clue being a headstone sitting in the grass, bearing his name. It sits in the middle of a wooded area during a light downpour, smacked by rain pelting it.

Cassian appears, walking towards it and sitting next to it, leaning his back against its side and tilting his head back towards the stone.]

I guess this is the only way I can talk to you now…a little one-sided, but, it’s all I have so it’ll have to do.

[He pauses for a moment before speaking again.]

You know, before the City, this was good enough. Not perfect, not what I wanted, but, better than nothing; now…I don’t know. It’s maddening to think you’re out there in some alternate world, or whatever it was, and I’m stuck here in this hellhole. You know…besides those damned curses and the fact that everyone else seemed to want to leave, I was happy there. I’d like to think you were, at least, happier.

[He wraps his arms around his knees, pulling them against his chest and leaning his head onto his arms. When he speaks again, his voice is shakier.]

I…I know there’s more to tell you, more to explain…but it all seems pretty pointless now. When I was with you…I couldn’t tell you any of it; the words wouldn’t come. I didn’t know what to say…how could I just say that I-

[He stops, letting the words die. Slowly, he unfolds himself, leaning against the headstone.]

It doesn’t matter now…there really is no point in saying it. I’ll never see you again…

[He sits there for a long while, minutes passing where he just leans against the stone and lets rain pelt him. After several minutes, he rises, standing and turning to walk away.]

I’ll be back next week, Jezebel. Sleep peacefully.

((Taken from Cassian's brief absence from the City; all dialogue was written by [ profile] deathstrumpcard :) ))
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