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So, as I've mentioned the last time I used my network device, I now have three lovely rabbits in my care.

However, I am at a loss for what to name them.

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So, after the events of yesterday, I've ended up with three new pet rabbits that I've yet to name. Granted, a lab table burnt down, but: details.

I like that type of curse.
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[Jezebel is standing in a dark alleyway, absentmindedly toying with a hypodermic syringe. He's wearing a surgical mask, and keeps glancing off to the edge of the alley, as if waiting for someone.

It doesn't take long for the expected person to appear, a shadow over the camera at first before the image slowly clears up to reveal a rather haggard-looking Riff, one hand curled in the front of his coat over his chest, clearly in pain. He eyes the syringe uncertainly, then lifts his eyes to Jezebel's-- and nods.

Jezebel wastes no time. He takes Riff's arm and rolls up his sleeve to the elbow before tying off his arm. After finding a vein and cleaning the spot of skin above it, he inserts a needle into the syringe he's carrying; a closer look at it reveals a murky liquid inside that isn't easily identified.

With no gentleness to his movements, Jezebel inserts the needle into Riff's vein, letting the syringe empty.

For a moment, it almost seems as though Riff intends to pull his arm away, tensing. And yet he does nothing, patiently holding still and watching Jezebel clean the inside of his arm, shoulders rising and falling with quick, uneven breaths. His only reaction is a flinch at the sting of the needle piercing his skin none-too-gently, but the angle of the camera renders his face invisible.

After the liquid is injected, Jezebel pulls the needle out easily, tucking it and the syringe. There is movement behind the surgical mask; he seems to be giving instructions, but the mask makes lip-reading impossible.

Riff pulls his arm back quickly, pushing down his sleeve again and holding his other hand against the punctured spot to keep it from bleeding. He lifts his head again to look at Jezebel, nodding, then suddenly turns away, disappearing out of sight of the camera once more.

It's then that Jezebel notices his Network device is recording. With a supremely irritated expression, he reaches to switch it off and the video ends.]
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So, Christmas is over. Thank God for an end to that yearly inane madness.

Though, I would not have minded if the sunny weather had lasted a tad longer.
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- helped a stray dog
- fed the pigeons by the fountain
- worked diligently in the laboratory


- that package I sent to Cain this morning

Three Nice things and one Naughty for this week. I'm improving!

((The package sent to Cain is full of harmless little objects -- some pens, a dried up flower, some empty test tubes, an inkwell. He just wants to see if he freaks out. :'D))
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Good Lord, there's a lot of people here in the City today. I can only hope this ends soon.

To anyone who might be visiting who's reading this: if you're in my way and all by yourself, you'd do well to move.
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It's been quite some time since I've used my Network device, hasn't it? It appears that my last time using it was on Hallow's Eve.

I suppose that when one is spending time on experiments, time can simply fly by without one's notice.

So tell me, what have I missed in these last few weeks? I have noticed curses but been affected by none of them this month. Tell me what's occurred since I've last spoken with the rest of the City.
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For Hallow's Eve, I believe I do have a suitable costume.

I'm planning to dress as a mad Victorian doctor who keeps organs in jars and has a penchant for slipping poison into bystanders' drinks.

I think I'll be quite convincing.
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[You're very small. Nine, ten years old, maybe. And you're running, running as fast as your small legs can carry you, stumbling and breathing hard out of panic. The stone hallways surrounding you are high and long and seem to run forever, never leading to anywhere that might be an escape.

In your hand is a large knife, and the edge of the blade digs into one of your fingers but you scarcely seem to notice. Your focus is gone, all noise is reduced to a buzzing in your ears because of what you've just learned, because of how everything seemed to shatter into dust only moments ago.

You don't notice him at first, the large man stumbling from an operating room, tubes and wires stuck in him and trailing him as he flees. But then he's running towards you and his words are all an angry blur 'you're with them you brat you tricked me I'LL KILL YOU GIVE ME THAT-'

And in a moment of blind panic, your arm swings, and the blade slides cleanly through his chest and into the tissue of his heart, and he collapses, dead.

The body seems to bleed more than would seem possible, its blood leaking into a large pool that seems to fill the whole room. It feels warm, stifling so, choking you with its stench.

From nowhere appear to small girls, no older than ten or eleven years old each. They, too, are bleeding: from their eyes, and from large gashes in their chests.

They step through the pool at their feets, splashing nonchalantly and giggling. "So much blood. But it's not enough for you, is it? It's never ever enough. It'll never be enough, will it?"

"Do you remember? You once asked us what you were made of. Girls were were sugar and spice, and boys were snips and snails. But you didn't know what you were."

One of the girls reaches for you and grabs a fistful of your hair, shoving you face-down into the ever-rising pool of blood. You struggle and choke, the blood pressing in on all sides.

"This. This is all you are. This is all anyone is ever really made of."]


Oct. 16th, 2010 08:55 pm
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[There's a small child, probably around nine years old, rummaging around what is definitely Jezebel's room (the jars of organs all over the desk are a dead giveaway). He looks very confused but not particularly concerned about being in a strange place. He opens the doorway and peers out.]




[Getting no answer, he goes back in to look for more clues. When he looks at the desk and sees the many jars it has, he wrinkles his nose.] Ewwww.

((All comments will be answered with my other Jezebel account, [ profile] delilahs_reaper, which has all my kiddie!Jez icons.))
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How did the deliveries go, gentlemen? I hope there were no unexpected obstacles.

((So, for anyone curious, Jezebel has just unloaded free samples of "beauty potions" on the community. Drink them and your face will burn off in a month. Anyone at all who wants to mention finding them on their doorstep is more than welcome to, since they're being delivered throughout the City.))
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I ate my best friend's flesh when I was nine.

My sisters were murdered when I was approximately five years old. My mother hid that fact for years.

My biological father brought me to Delilah and introduced me as his foster child and has hid our relation ever since.

Today's curse seems especially silly and pointless.
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I must say, I am rather pleased that I have been unaffected by nearly all the curses that have appeared this month. It is most convenient to not have to worry that I will suddenly have impaired speech or be sent on an inane quest.

Especially since it lets me keep myself busy.

I did receive on of the fortunes falling from the sky last Wednesday. "Insanity is repeating the same action and expecting different results." I do have to wonder what that foretells.
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In case anyone encounters them, I thought I should mention:

There are a few undead people floating around the City. And a few undead dogs. And a bird.

They can shoot lasers from their eyes. Also, if triggered, they will explode.

I thought you all might like to know.

Proto I need you to come help me clean up what remains of the laboratory.

And I'm going to need more supplies.

((My apologies for posting so late, I got struck by Sudden Fever of Death today. Also, credit for the exploding laser eyes goes to Proto-mun. xD))
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Don't forget: anyone who is a student in any of my Anatomy classes must have their essays handed in by tomorrow. I expect at least five pages describing how long ago you believe your corpse died, what they died of, if they had any noteworthy medical conditions or injuries, and any valuable items they might have been buried with.

Also, I must commend all of you for your exemplary behavior during your first lessons. Not a single person fainted this year!

Oh, before I forget:

Anyone who is studying biology or pre-medicine or is interested in either field should seek to join The PreMed Society. I am its advisor, and I guarantee that it's quite the experience. Students who join this club before attending medical school will graduate with absolutely first-rate surgical skills, as well as a resourcefulness that most classes won't teach.
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So it seems that yet another school year has begun. How very exciting.

If anyone reading this is taking one of my courses or is new to The City University, I am Dr. Disraeli, one of the Anatomy professors. I am also the advisor for the PreMed Society here at the University.

Oh, and if anyone is attending one of my classes for the first time: for your first lesson, please bring as many shovels and flashlights as you can. The more you can bring, the better. Extra credit goes to the student who brings the most.

Also, wear dark clothing. People tend to get suspicious of anyone lurking around the graveyard, so it's best to be inconspicuous.

((I credit Rosella-mun for the idea of this :D))
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Well, wasn't that a waste of a perfectly good human heart.

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Miss Rosella, I was hoping I might have a word with you?

[locked to Rosella]

I know we have spoken at least a few times since my arrival here in the City. And I admit, I have only recently noticed now how much I admire you. You're a beautiful young woman, and very well-spoken and kind.

I've left you a gift by the front of your home. I admit, I attempted to deliver it to you myself, but your house seems to be warded against that. But I suppose that's simply an example of your cleverness.

[On Rosella's doorstep: a bouquet of roses, a box of candy, and a human heart in a jar of formaldehyde.]

((It's not easy to write a love declaration for a guy whose canon way of wooing a girl is to tell her: "You are my internal organs."))
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...why on earth was a paper crane sent to me?
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