Jan. 18th, 2011

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[Jezebel is standing in a dark alleyway, absentmindedly toying with a hypodermic syringe. He's wearing a surgical mask, and keeps glancing off to the edge of the alley, as if waiting for someone.

It doesn't take long for the expected person to appear, a shadow over the camera at first before the image slowly clears up to reveal a rather haggard-looking Riff, one hand curled in the front of his coat over his chest, clearly in pain. He eyes the syringe uncertainly, then lifts his eyes to Jezebel's-- and nods.

Jezebel wastes no time. He takes Riff's arm and rolls up his sleeve to the elbow before tying off his arm. After finding a vein and cleaning the spot of skin above it, he inserts a needle into the syringe he's carrying; a closer look at it reveals a murky liquid inside that isn't easily identified.

With no gentleness to his movements, Jezebel inserts the needle into Riff's vein, letting the syringe empty.

For a moment, it almost seems as though Riff intends to pull his arm away, tensing. And yet he does nothing, patiently holding still and watching Jezebel clean the inside of his arm, shoulders rising and falling with quick, uneven breaths. His only reaction is a flinch at the sting of the needle piercing his skin none-too-gently, but the angle of the camera renders his face invisible.

After the liquid is injected, Jezebel pulls the needle out easily, tucking it and the syringe. There is movement behind the surgical mask; he seems to be giving instructions, but the mask makes lip-reading impossible.

Riff pulls his arm back quickly, pushing down his sleeve again and holding his other hand against the punctured spot to keep it from bleeding. He lifts his head again to look at Jezebel, nodding, then suddenly turns away, disappearing out of sight of the camera once more.

It's then that Jezebel notices his Network device is recording. With a supremely irritated expression, he reaches to switch it off and the video ends.]


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